Apr 05 2007

Resize an Image for a Webpage

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If you are uploading images to the internet, especially for use as part of a website, make sure that you resize your images in a graphics editor so that their file sizes get smaller. If you just resize images by specifying a width and height in HTML or CSS, then they still take just as long to download as they would have, without the extra time serving any useful purpose.

As an example, my camera makes 6.3 mp images, about 3,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels. If I want to use that image to illustrate a fact in an article, a size of 600 by 400 is usually enough, and as stated above, it will download to the viewer’s computer much faster.

Here is a quick (1:16 long) tutorial on how to resize an image in PhotoShop. (you may have to click on the image twice before the tutorial will begin)

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