Apr 15 2007

Cropping in Paint Shop Pro v7

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I know that some of you still have and use older versions of Paint Shop Pro, like version 7. In fact, although I have version 10 on my computer, I still have version 7 loaded as well. Why? It is a smaller program and thus loads much much faster than newer versions and uses less computer resources. If I want to do a quick crop of an image, or some other simple task, I’ll use version 7.

However, version 7 is not as easy to use on some tasks. One example is cropping. Newer versions have simpler ways of doing these tasks.

Today’s Paint Shop Pro video tutorial will show you how to crop in version 7 and next weekend I’ll try to post the same video using a newer version, so you can see the difference.

While you watch the video, take special note of the circled area as indicated in the screen shot below. Each common print size has a different ratio. By knowing, and using, these ratios, you can have your photos properly cropped before printing.

print size    horizontal ratio    vertical ratio
4 x 6             1.500                0.667

5 x 7             1.400                0.714

8 x 10            1.250                0.800


Click on the kitten and rabbit screen shot below to view the video. After the video finishes, it will return you to our main (Home) page. The video is about 1.8 MB in size and runs for 1:40.

cropping in paint shop pro version 7 (28 Kbytes)

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