Apr 24 2009

Wedding Photography: Tips for First Timers

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Trying to take photographs for the first time at during a special occasion could be a daunting task. You can create magnificent pictures that will get a great response from all concerned.

Wedding photography is one of the most stressful tasks that an amateur photographer can attempt. Despite having the technical knowledge on the lighting and effects you want to apply on your subject, you’d still have to know some basic knowledge on how to keep things moving and going on while you photograph key moments, people and events.

Some wedding photography tips that can be quite useful are:

Make a list of Photos beforehand

Ask the couple well before the ceremony to make a list of shots they’re sure they want, especially family shots, and make a hard copy of the list to check as the event progresses. Careful planning will ensure that you do not forget to take a photo of the couple with key members of the family such as grandparents and the like.

Nominate a Photo arranger

The family photos at a wedding can drive you crazy. The quests have other things on their mind rather than posing for photos Ask the newlyweds to suggest a relative or family member from each side who can stand as director of photography – his or her job would be to gather everyone up, make sure they’re included in the shot; plus keep things flowing so that the newlyweds can thoroughly enjoy the party.

Scout the Location

Though most Pros don’t do this, you will find it very helpful if you have a layout or scheme of where to take the best pictures. Get an early look at the site to figure out lighting angles and have the couple pose for test shots if you can.

Plan For Everything

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan on the big day, so it is good to be prepared with backups – extra batteries, memory cards for cameras, and think carefully about the day’s itinerary and travel plans. You should attend the wedding rehearsal to get a better idea of the lighting in the venue and good shooting positions.

Set Reasonable Goals

Let the couple see your past work and style and set a realistic goals for the days. Be realistic when estimating the number of shots you will be able to achieve. If you accept payment for your services, make certain that you and the customer have reached an agreement on the price.

Switch the Sound off the Camera

Make sure that the sound on the camera and all accessories is turned off before the ceremony, and you will need to keep it silent during the speeches, the couple kiss and the important vows exchange, to avoid any distracting beeps.

Take Note of the Little Details

Take pictures of the rings, backs of dresses, flowers, shoes, table settings and others. You can get some good ideas from wedding magazines.

Use an Extra Camera

Borrow or rent a spare camera for the special event and have it ready to go with a different lense. At least two would be fine – a broad angle lens for candid shots, which will also work fine in tight places, and another with a long lens for distance shots.

Use another Photographer

You can avoid unnecessarily moving around during the ceremony and speeches by having a support photographer. Having a person to help you with the tasks of taking the official photos without missing the important photos. It will also be much easier as there’s less pressure on you being the sole photographer.

Be bold, but unobtrusive

You need to move right upfront at a wedding to ensure you don’t miss important shots so don’t be shy. But it is also important to have timing and think ahead about being in an accurate position for the ‘key’ moments so you won’t be disrupting the event. Move around at least 5 times, but try to coincide your movement with the longer readings or songs.

Weddings are festive events and one of the best ways to ease up the couple and the party during formal shots is to do fun shots as well. Photographers are always ready to respond with a smile because it will cause a postitve response in people. Also, backgrounds and the picture perspective at important in coming up with amazing effects on the photos. When the ceremony is over, you can show off some of the photos at the reception for people to enjoy.

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