Oct 03 2012

Proper Care And Storage of Paper Photos You Should Know About

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Your paper pictures are some of your most prized possessions. You have pictures covering everything from those of your grandparents as children all the way up to your own kids. You need to keep them safe that your family will always have them to remember their history. The following suggestions have been designed to help you keep your paper pictures in good condition.

1) Keep them dry!
The most important thing to protect paper pictures from is death by water. Humid areas often make pictures curl or crack. You do not want this to happen! Therefore, you need to keep your pictures in dry places. Also, keep them away from pipes or sinks because you never know what could happen! Also, regularly check to see if any pictures have started to change. If so, then you need to move them to a new spot so that they do not get any more ruined.

2) No Sunshine!
Sunshine damages photos because it bleaches them. You do not want discolored paper photos! This is what Instagram was made for! In order to keep your photos from getting to discolored, keep them out of the sun. If they are on display, then keep the shades down so that the sun does not hit the pictures directly.

3) Special Displays
You should keep your pictures in a photo album or keepsake box. This will keep them from jumbling together and from being torn. Also, the pictures will be forced to lie flat. You can even place tissue paper between them so that the pictures do not stick. You should keep your pictures well organized so that you know where to find specific photos. The best way to do this is to spend and afternoon going through them. You can reminisce and organize at the same time!

4) Scan to be Safe
It may be a pain, but you should always scan paper photos. This way you they know they can never be lost if they are on the computer. You can also upload them to your favorite social media site for everyone to see! Older paper photos are great to use to look back at fun times you have had with family and friends. Why not use this opportunity to let others reminisce as well? These will be great conversation starters as well. Who knows? You may even learn a new family story or about history you did not even know.

As long as you know how to keep your photos safe in general, then you have nothing to worry about. Keep them out of humid areas full of sunshine because that is the kiss of death for paper photos. You will also want to rotate them out when on display. This way the photos do not get sun bleached, and you can show off newer photos as well. You will have these to remember some great times for years to come.

Roger Timm is a photographer and specializes in restoring prints.  He enjoys sharing tips on keeping photographs in great condition to preserve precious memories.  He recently bought his dream studio and used www.homeequityloan.net to keep it affordable.  

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