Apr 21 2007

Piles of Prints

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Photography in itself is a wonderful pastime, and the end result of this hobby is a set of beautiful prints to share with family and friends. How, though, can you display these pictures in the best way? Unless you have unlimited wall space, you most likely cannot hang every single picture in a frame. Luckily, there are many other good options for storing and displaying prints so that you can look at them for years to come.

The most basic way to organize and show off your prints is in a photo album. When buying one, remember that not all albums are made the same-you get what you pay for! Make sure the album you choose is archival quality. This will keep your photographs from turning yellow or otherwise discoloring over time. The best albums also have a place to write beside or under each picture, because your photographs will mean nothing in twenty years if you can’t remember who is in the picture or what was happening. Take a moment to write down this information.

Another option, if you enjoy arts and crafts, is to create a scrapbook. This popular art form shows off your prints in an eye-pleasing way, and creating the scrapbook can be just as fun as taking the pictures. Scrapbooking, however, takes time and money. Before you begin an album, make sure you have the resources to finish it. Also, before you start scrapbooking, take some time to research the hobby by yourself or by taking a class so that you can be sure to keep your photos safe.

A third way to display your photographs is to use them in your home decorating. Get large prints (8″x10″ or larger) of your best pictures to hang on the wall. Remember that larger pictures may not be of the best quality, but larger pictures make more of an impact in a room. For your other prints, there are many home décor items on the market catering to photographers. An example is photo coasters, which protect your picture behind glass and make wonderful accessories in a living room. You can also go online or to your local craft store and find other products available to display your photographs. Always remember to keep your negatives safe in case you want a new print, but don’t be afraid to alter your prints to create beautiful displays. Get your pictures out of the box and show them off to your guests.

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