Jun 15 2007

Making Money with your Digital Camera – Part 3

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Your photographic skills, combined with a digital camera, could be a great way to put extra cash in your pocket. It is not necessary to be a professional photographer to get started. Solid skills with your camera, combined with creativity and basic business skills, will provide a strong foundation.

This article gives even more ideas for earning money as a “free lancer”.

We’ve already discussed special events. How about these ideas:

  • grand opening of a new store
  • school graduations; elementary, high school, vocational schools, etc
  • local artistic events (I once photographed street painters during a
    local festival – then handed out my business cards)

  • weddings (although this is a pretty serious move!)
  • special business events
  • 50th anniversaries, and other large family events
  • local fashion shows
  • parades
  • carnivals
  • sporting events; parents are sometimes too busy watching the game to bother
    with a camera (don’t forget ones such as horse shows – I know of someone who
    specializes in horse photos; they go to all the horse events nearby and have become well known)

  • various festivals (what if you borrowed or rented a very fancy car or motorcycle
    and offered to take photos of people in/on the vehicle – actually, this applies to weddings as well)

  • festivals again – set up a booth with an antique look and either have actual clothes, or one
    of those wooden things people put their faces up against

  • organization activities – make a deal with a non-profit group; you take photos at their
    special events and sell the photos at an inlated price and promote it as a fund raiser; the
    organization and you split the “profits”

  • some festivals have a petting zoo or ride the pony type activity – take pictures
    of children on the pony rides

Do not forget to hand out business cards!!!

You could also consider setting up a booth, with a helper, so that as you take the photos, your helper takes orders for prints and produces them on the spot. Obviously, you need a photo quality printer that either (a) runs on batteries, or (b) you have access to proper hydro power. Make sure you price them high enough to be able to make a profit after paying the helper.

Here are a few more ideas.

  • produce an album titled “A Day in the Life of (child’s name goes here)” – you could
    even offer a hard cover book as these are now available at the print labs

  • photos of a construction site taken daily/weekly over the life of the project
  • hang out at famous tourist places and take photos of the tourists standing by the famous site
  • if you are close to a well visited resort, offer your services to visitors

Have I got your creative juices flowing yet?

P.S. Watch the newspaper for announcements of events nearby. Then make sure your batteries are charged up and memory cards are empty. Get clicking!

P.P.S. If you already have a good computer, with a DVD writer, consider getting software that will create a DVD slide show of your photos. Then, either provide a client with all their photos on DVD, or provide potential clients with a DVD of sample photos that you have taken. In either case, number each photo on the screen so a client can easily order prints.

Here is a link to an e-book written by Terry Gibbs. If you would like to get into more detail on the 3 part article you are reading, check out Terry’s book by clicking on Make Money With Your Digital Camera. Terry also wrote Make Money With Your Video Camera.

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