Oct 18 2007

Learn by Collecting

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Are you a magazine reader? Have you noticed that magazines are full of photographs?

When you see a photo that impresses you, clip it out and save it in a photo album. One of those albums that has the “magnetic” pages that you put photos under (or a similar product). Then, on a regular basis, study the photos you have collected. Ask yourself questions about them. Like,”What is it that I find attractive about this photo?”

One excellent example from my own collection is the special 50th anniversary edition of the Sports Illustrated “The Pictures”. This has the best SI photos from the years 1954 – 2004. Since I enjoy taking sports photos, this is a way for me to get ideas.

As you learn from the photos, you can remove them and replace them with others. If you are studying portraits, look especially at how the photographer uses shadows to enhance a portrait.

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