Aug 31 2012

How to Touch Up Photographs to Look More Professional

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The ability to touch up photographs is something that’s not just useful for the vein and the pock-marked. Being able to touch up photos is something very useful for any webmaster who wants their pictures to look more professional and more attractive, and without doing this the images surrounding your articles can risk looking somewhat amateurish. Here we will look at how to touch up photographs using photo editing software like Gimp or PhotoShop so that it looks like you used the very best models and like only the most attractive people deal with your products.

Removing Blemishes

The first thing you need to be able to do to make your models look more perfect is to remove any blemishes or spots and to generally even out their complexion. You generally just don’t get adverts where the actors have boils on the ends of their noses so if you want to sell your product or make your content look authoritative then these need to go.

The easiest way to remove a large number of blemishes quickly is to go into the brightness and contrast settings and to slightly increase the brightness while reducing the contrast. You’ll notice that this brings their skin down to a more even and porcelain-like tone and this will already go a long way toward making them look more like professional models. Don’t overdo it though or it will make the photograph look low quality.

Next you might want to apply a very light filter such as a blur effect which will make their skin look just a little softer and any transitions appear more smooth and less harsh.

Next you will want to use a combination of the clone tool and the blue tool to remove individual spots that haven’t already disappeared. Using the clone tool you can clone the look of nearby skin and drag it to cover the spots, while using the blur tool you can take color form the surrounding areas to cover them up.

Changing Proportions

Slightly editing proportions can be useful for a number of purposes. If you have a full-body shot you want to work with then this is very handy for making women look curvier and men look more muscular and broader. Likewise if you are editing someone’s face then you can use this to make their eyes and lips look fuller and their nose look slimmer.

To get started choose ‘liquify’ or the equivalent from the filters and you will be given a range of tools that can warp the image. Pick the ones that look like concave and convex bulges on the canvas and then select the size you want to work with. Now be very subtle using these and note that less is definitely more here. Just go round the edges and tap gently to gradually increase or decrease the size of various curves.

Adding Makeup and Color

Changing the look of certain colors can be great for either increasing the vibrancy of makeup or eyes, or just for creating fun effects. Select the color you want with the sample tool and then select ‘Color Replacement’ and you can choose to replace that color with an entirely new one. Alternatively if you want to change all the colors to make a more green or red hue overall then go to ‘color variations’ and you can increase the amount of each color in the image.

If you want to change makeup specifically then you can either use these tools or you can simply use the sample tool and then the paint brush or lipstick option to draw it on manually. Note that doing this is a very fine process and it is highly advisable to use layers to add each element. This will then allow you to increase and decrease the transparency for instance and to quickly remove changes you don’t like. When adding lipstick and eye shadow make sure that the transparency is high as this will allow the texture of the skin to come through and thereby make it look more realistic and less ‘painted on’.

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