Jul 12 2007

How To Give Your Child The Gift Of Photography

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I have written about this topic before. It was August 16, 2006. Wow, almost a year ago. Anyhow, I just came across this article, by Joshua Poyoh, and thought that I would refresh your memory about this idea. Give a child a digital camera and see what kind of photos come back. The results are usually quite interesting.


If you are looking for a camera to take quick pictures of your family celebrations, how about giving your child a digital camera as a gift? You would have given him a time machine which will create wonders and may, at some time in the future, be considered family assets.

At first, he may be not be able to shoot some good pictures. They may be blurry at times. Over time, as he gets used to the camera, he will be able to shoot some excellent pictures with much practice.

As the young photographer learns more about his or her new hobby, skills will begin to develop and you will start to see a legend of the world through the eyes of a six year old, or whatever age your young photographer is, begin to emerge.

Expect to see more pictures of his favorite animal or toys than you will see of any other family members. Buy the young photographer a printer and ask him to fill up a photo album with these pictures. Don’t forget to put the date at the side. Do not just keep them in your hard disk; convert them into CDs so that you could play them on your TV whenever you have family gatherings. This will keep everyone entertained.

Consider buying or borrowing from the library a book on photography for children. This will help teach the child the finer tips of photography and help fire up their imaginations. If the book or books is written for someone older, you can make things easier by explaining to him.

Help your child to set up a photo shoot session with their favorite toys right at home. Let him or her see how their toy trucks, cars or dolls can be set up and photographed. Take every opportunity at home or outdoors to teach them.

Is there a younger brother or sister in the family? You can read up on how to take pictures of babies and small children. Share what you have learned with your young photographer. Such things as putting a piece of scotch tape on a little one’s finger for example can lead to some fantastic facial expressions, as he or she tries to figure out what has happened and how to get rid of that thing. Equipped with a digital camera, with some encouragement and a little bit of knowledge, your young photographer may be the one to capture that shot, making it doubly a family treasure.

Get your child interested in photography. It is giving them a gift that may last them a lifetime. Who knows, he may become the next award winning photographer.

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