Aug 03 2012

How To Capture Your Child’s Youth In The Perfect Photo

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Taking a picture of your newborn baby is easy. Just point and shoot. It’s not like their little legs can take them anywhere. But that all changes, as you might already know. Once your child is old enough to walk and make decisions for themselves they become a lot harder to capture in the perfect moment. You can’t blame them: you were probably the exact same at their age.

That still doesn’t help with the matter at hand. You want to take great pictures of your child because like everyone else, you want to remember as much of their life as possible. You will have a photo album to look over when they head off to college, and have a little cry. Would you like some great tips on how to capture the best pictures of your child as possible? Well let’s go.

Take more than one

Uncle Horizon and little boys

Everyone has had a picture taken that looks absolutely terrible. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact you try to put on your best smile as the flash goes off. If they had only waited one extra second it would have been the best photo in the world. A split second can make all the difference. When you are taking a photo you should quickly take other ones before your child even realizes it. One of these could be much better.

Have lots of fun

Pillow fight laughs_4068

Kids absolutely love to have fun. They enjoy nothing more. You can take advantage of this to take great photos. Have them dress up in all their favorite costumes and get them to strike funny poses. The more authentic their smile is, the better your photos will be. And it gives you a great chance to bond with them rather than demanding they sit still while you click away.

They make the rules


Nobody ever wants to do something they don’t like. If you are barking orders at your child they will never feel comfortable about the photo shoot. If you hand over the reins and let them make the decisions it’s going to work out a lot better for you, and it will be a lot more enjoyable too. Let them choose what poses they strike. It’s an obvious way to take great pictures, that sadly isn’t too obvious to most people.

Get the timing right

Food for the wallet

If they are hungry or tired you will have a hard time trying to make them sit still, let alone put on a big smile. If they are like most children they will probably end up crying and think you’re a big bully. If they are tired you must let them go to bed. Try again tomorrow. If they’re hungry you can make them something to eat. I’m sure your photo session can wait 30 minutes. Be nice to them and they will be nice for you.

In the middle of the action

Vintage Portrait Photo Picture of a Child holding a Turkey Bird

Instead of just doing when most people do and making them sit down somewhere you can take the camera and head to the park. Take pictures of them in their environment. Where they feel most comfortable and can act however they want. You will probably find you end up taking a lot nicer photos doing it this way. Just be prepared to follow them about and be ready.

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