Apr 14 2007

Helpful Hints for Creating Eye-Popping Collages

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Collage is an art form that uses multiple photos, drawn and painted images, and other objects to make a piece of art. Photo editing software, like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, can be used to give a new twist to the old art form of collage. Creating a collage using software is fun and simple, because all you need to make the digital collage are photos and the desire to experiment. Creating a collage digitally is simple, but all users can use a few tips to create an eye-catching piece of art.


The first aspect of creating any piece of art is determining a theme for the piece. When creating a collage, it’s a good idea to start with a photo of a person or an object. Users will find the most enjoyment in working with images they like and will enjoy working with. Photos of family members or vacation photos are usually the best choice when creating a collage. If you’re using one object from a photo, it helps if the object has clean edges that allow you to cut the object from the photo without leaving gaps that are intrusive to the rest of the photo. The main photo used for the collage will provide the overall theme for the collage. The rest of photos for the collage should then mimic the theme established by the main photo. For example, if you’re using a farm theme, you might consider using images of farm animals, barns, and crop fields.

File Management

It’s best to manage your project files by creating a folder and copying all of the photos into it. Another good idea would be to assemble more photos than actually needed, so that you will be able to compare photos and choose the most suitable photos for the collage. Creating a background is essential when creating a collage. Users can create backgrounds using various techniques. The first technique is using an enlarged photo to fill the space. If your image is too small, it may be best to paste it multiple times into multiple layers and overlap them to fill the space. A soft or textured brush will erase any hard edges and blend the layers.


The next step in creating a collage is assembling the images. The first step to assembling the images begins by cutting the main image from its background by selecting around the subject using a suitable selection tool. Then, feather the selection. Once the subject of the collage is isolated, drag its layer and drop it into the working image, so that it appears as a new layer. When using portraits that are cut off at the neck, it is best to anchor them in the image, particularly at the bottom corner for the best effect. Once the main subject is in place, drag and drop the layers of the other images. Then arrange objects in layers so that the layers in front of the image are the highest layers in the Layers palette.

Making the main image the largest image in the collage will make the collage attention grabbing and eye-popping. Using repeated elements, such as colors and shapes will unite the collage and give it a more polished look, which is more pleasing to the eye. It is also a good idea to place an imaginary Tic-Tac-Toe grid over the image and align the objects of interest along the lines or place them where the lines intersect points. Placing objects in this way is more visually interesting, than placing them in the center of the image. Also placing objects over the edge of the image rather than inside of its boundaries will create a more interesting collage.

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