Oct 19 2008

Get In Close

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I have been reading several books by well-known professional photographers. What is really exciting is that some of the tips they are giving me are things that I have already been doing to some degree or another. One example is in regard to sports action. One of the main reasons I bought my new 40D from Canon is that it was much more suited to taking sports photos. Six frames per second and JPEG bursts of up to 60 or 70 in a row. I keep thinking that I should use raw mode more often. One reason I have been avoiding it is that the burst mode on the 40D in raw mode is only 17 frames rather than 60. Then there is the file size issue. Currently I can take about 1,200 photos without backing up memory cards. With raw mode that will drop dramatically.

Back to the tips from professionals. Quite often one of the most exciting parts of a photo of an athlete is their face. The look tells you such a story. I went to a church picnic one year and there was a special softball game between the more senior members (adults) of the church and the youth. The senior pastor and his wife were both playing. I was using my 70-300 lens and getting in nice and close, showing just a head and shoulders view. The look on the faces told you a lot about the skill of the batter. When it was the pastor’s turn to bat, his face was one of pure determination. “This little sucker is going out of the park”. Then it was his wife’s turn. The look on her face was one of almost pure terror. “What am I doing here?”

Turned out that the children got hold of the photo I took of their mom and made it the main background on their Windows computer. That led to much laughter both in their home that night and at church the following Sunday.

Remember … get in close!

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