Dec 10 2012

Family Portraits

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Family portraits are usually a painful experience to most people looking at past family photography. Mainly, people think they look very dated as they capture the current hair and fashion trends that looked cool then but can look absolutely abhorrent now. However, this does not have to be the case. Family photography has changed a lot over the years and can now be a fun experience. To get the highest quality, it is great to have the services of a professional photographer who best knows how to capture that moment. The following are helpful tips on how to have a successful family photography session with your family.

If having the photo session at a portrait photo studio, try different poses other than the ubiquitous “class photo” stance. Try looking as natural as possible by looking at one another, telling jokes and holding each other in various positions. This will allow the photographer to maneuver around the family and choose more candid shots. It is best to forget that the family photographer is there and to feel free to have various expressions on your face. You can have a more serious or playful look and you can show different moments of tenderness.

The photo studio may even have a couch or chair to allow you to “get comfortable” and feel more relaxed. The advantage of having it at a portrait photo studio is of course the ability to let the photographer manipulate the lighting, shadows and props. There are many methods to allow the photographer to make the setting more “real” and less “fake”. This allows for a greater range of photographical opportunities. The photographer can create the mood, music and lighting, such as using candles or having very upbeat music to get the family in the mood. If the photographer is really good, he or she can even guide you on your best sides and give direction as to how to pose.

Another suggestion is to have the photo session in an outdoor setting. If you have children, perhaps have the family photos at a play park where you can interact with your children on a swing or climb the play set with them. This can provide various photos that show a fun moment in your family’s lives. You can also take advantage of various seasons. For example, building a snowman with your family is one of the most precious moments to capture. Another great photo session can be at a beach, amusement park or even at a family picnic. These photos do not have to be boring or motionless. Some of the best photos are captured while living the moment in action.

Another important thing to think of is you and your family’s clothing choices. Try to wear very plain or subdued clothing that does not reflect current fashion trends. This can be a simple sweater and jeans or solids instead of patterned clothing. You should try to minimize the amount of flashy jewelry and heavy makeup that will distract the viewer of the photographs. It is best to let the photographer do various touch-ups to the photography to give a more natural appearance than to rely on makeup or stylish hairdos. You will regret having those trendy cuts 10 years from now.

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