Nov 07 2007

Digital Camera Memory Card Tips

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  • never open the memory card compartment when the power is on
  • most cameras have a small indicator that flashes when a photo is being saved to your memory card; never turn your camera off while this indicator is flashing
  • memory cards are not affected by current airport security scanners
  • avoid leaving your memory cards in extreme heat and cold, or high humidity (the original packaging should mention limits)
  • store your memory cards in the small plastic holders that they came with
  • avoid changing cards when in a hostile environment (especially blowing dust)
  • if a card becomes wet, leave it to dry thoroughly, and then test it with a low priced card reader (cheaper to replace than your camera if something goes wrong)
  • buy a card reader for transfering photos to your computer; it saves wear and tear on your camera
  • before you take advantage of awesome deals on large capacity cards (> 2 GB) make sure your camera can use them (read the manual)
  • more is better – it is better to own two 1 GB cards rather than one 2 GB card (what if a card fails or is damaged)
  • if you have multiple cards, devise a technique that allows you to know quickly whether a particular card has already been used on the current outing
  • format a new card in the camera before use
  • consider formatting a card on a periodic basis (this process will determine if part of the card is failing)

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