Oct 20 2009

Decorating Your Photos With Framing Supplies

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to frame your own photographs, pictures and any other artwork you desired? It is fairly easy to do if you have a good set of instructions and the proper framing tools to complete the job.

Most of the instructions will start off with how to cut a mat board, as many people feel that is really the first step in picture framing art.

framing equipment
If you do decide to use a mat board, then you will need a good quality mat cutter and ruler. Start by marking the borders that need to be cut on the back side of the board and make sure that it will completely cover all edges of the picture by subtracting about 1/8 of an inch from the size of the image (length and width). Then attach your mat by applying only two pieces of acid free tape to the top edge.

In order to figure out the amount of frame moulding you will need, simply measure the artwork and the mat that you want to use and then add an additional 3 mm (0.118110″). This ensures that the artwork will fit into the finished frame easily.

You will need a mitre cutter among your framing tools in order to cut the 45 degree angle that is the most important part of making the frame.

Add the length and width together, then multiply by two to give you the overall length of the frame that you will need. You will also have to allow for those mitre cuts, so multiply the width of the moulding by ten and add this to the total needed for the custom picture frame.

Cutting one side is easy, but cutting the other sides so that they are the same all the way around is harder. Be sure that your measurements are accurate.

wood picture frame
Another item you are going to need among your other framing tools are clamps, as tightly clamping the frame is essential in order to have a solid frame. You want to use clamps that will allow you to see the four corners all at the same time, as it makes aligning the frame easier.

A pushmaster is another piece of framing equipment that is good to have, as it allows you to tap the V nails into the wood much more easily. You can push the nails in by hand but is generally easier if you use some type of mallet to tap in the nails. It will make the job easier.

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