Sep 29 2007

Cheap Memory Cards

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Cheap, as in low prices.

When I first bought my Digital Rebel over 3 years ago, I paid about $70 or so for a 256MB card. That card would let me take about 70 high-res jpg photos. I started with just 2 cards, meaning I was limited to 140 photos.

Thanks to lower and lower per MB prices, I now have 3 x 256, 3 x 512, and 1 x 2 GB. This allows me over 1,000 high-res jpg photos without need to download. Great for the church picnic, with hundreds of people involved in all sorts of activities.

I just became the proud owner of an MP3 player. Received it for free as part of a bank’s promotions. How does that relate to low memory costs, you ask. Well, if it was a player that allowed external cards, then that’s your answer. But it isn’t. Let’s develop this a bit further.

The MP3 player introduced me to the world of podcasts. Very exciting. The player’s software lets me subscribe to audio recordings made available via the internet. They are usually set up like a radio show, where the radio personality interviews an expert. Hundreds of topics are available, including photography. As my commute to work involves 2 bus rides, and one of those takes an hour, I listen to an interview every morning.

Yesterday I listened to an interview with a professional photographer. When asked for his best couple of tips for beginners who use their digital camera for more than just snapshots, one of his replies was “take less photos”. He went on to explain that if you want to get really good at being a photographer, you need to get good at seeing your photo and capturing it. If you take hundreds of photos (remember, cheap memory cards) of a particular scene, etc, you will often get several “keepers”, but you are not learning to be a photographer.

Think about it.


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