Mar 23 2008

A digital camera

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When looking for a digital camera, you may be a bit lost about what you really need. The great thing about memory is that you can buy memory cards for a digital camera that can hold hundreds of pictures. Zoom is another important feature on a digital camera. You have to be careful about what kind of zoom the camera features. Digital and optical zoom are two different things. Optical zoom is true zoom, much like on a film camera. When a digital camera has high optical zoom, you can zoom in on far away objects without losing clarity. Settings will allow you to set your camera for fast paced settings, low light settings, and other situations where you camera will need to be adjusted for difficult lighting. When choosing a digital camera, remember that some come with a video feature. Some cameras have video with sound, while others just record the video. Lithium batteries are commonly required for higher end models of digital camera. Overall, finding a digital camera that suits your needs will take a little research. See also in French: imprimante laser photo

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