Oct 02 2012

Sony Nex 7: A Progressive New Camera

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Sony’s latest release, the NEX 7, is a refreshing update to the NEX line, boasting new technological upgrades and innovative features.  Sony is quite successful in attaining the objectives it aimed for with Nex 7:  a compact, mirrorless lens camera with no sacrifice in performance than any other DSLR.

Size & Shape

Nex 7 can be regarded as a progressive camera thanks to its complete array of avant-garde technical featured. It is a sophisticated machine with a slender, shiny structure and ergonomically designed, designating it as a cult classic with complete DSLR functionality.

Its right-hand grip fits snugly in your hand, providing the proper range and comfort for your fingers to facilitate shooting steadiness.


  •       Similar to the Leica M9, at the upper left-hand corner of the body, Nex 7’s excellent high resolution viewfinder is positioned. Having Nex 7 in your hands gives you the same feel as if you are holding a 35mm rangefinder.
  •        At maximum resolution, Nex 7 has capability of 10 frames per second shooting bursts, along with coverage and focuses set at the initial frame, and in AVCHD arrangement it can apprehend a 1920 × 1080 screen resolution of entire HD movies on 24p, 60i or at 60p.
  •       The positive aspect of NEX 7 is that it renders nearly 100% of information captured without needing a translucent mirror. Under some particular shooting circumstances, the translucent mirror can provide an edge icleaner resolution and contrast.
  •       The latest high-end enthusiast DSLRs don’t surpass the NEX 7 image sensors of 24.3 mega pixels.
  •        Its high-tech image processing system provides exceptional pace and performance.  Apart from speed, it also provides precision of contrast through an AF contrast detection system and its great imaging efficiency.
  • At the rear side of this camera, there is radiant 3.0-inch LCD screen with high resolution that inclines 45 degrees downwards and 80 degrees upwards to outline entities at both axes.
  •       Nex 7’s other remarkable features include complete user control; flexibility of auto modes to shoot complete HD movies; 11 Picture Impression Modes; 3D brush off view for automatic apprehension of 3D 16:9 shots; 6 layers of picture; AF for subject tracing; and Anti-Dust acoustic system.
  •       The great resolution realized with the 2.4 mega pixel viewfinder gives a credible viewing experience which is quite near to conventional visual viewfinders incorporated in high tech DSLR cameras. Plus, similar to all other EVFs, in dim light it demonstrates a brighter image than the real image.
  •       Its Tri-Navi control system has three separate programmable controllers that permit direct access to any three settings you often use.
  •       Incredibly, phase-detection AF ability can also be added to this camera through a resourceful accomplice, namely the Sony A-mount-to-E-mount LA-EA2 adapter which allows you to increase Sony Alpha-mount DSLR lenses. This tool definitely provides you an edge in absolute AF speed while shooting at extreme speed and action and HD video.
  •       Extreme precise exposures with a maximum tonal range can be attained through the Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO). Plus, Auto HDR, which functions just in JPEG capture mode, joins 3 exposures to provide a visibly wider shadow.


  •       A very small diopter regulator that ranges from -4.0 to +1.0 is positioned at right side of the eye-piece and comes under the eyeglass. While making adjustments in accordance to your individual eye level, the rubber bezel causes an extreme ache in your finger. This annoyance could use some adjusting when Sony comes out with the next version.
  •       In dim light, particularly with close-up and low-contrast subjects, the NEX 7 focus is a bit slower than other DSLRs when using phase-detection.
  •       One of the negative aspects of Nex 7 is the nonexistence of the Translucent Mirror which signifies that the NEX 7 employs contrast AF for focusing and tracking purposes which is admirably accurate but not fairly as quick as contrast AF while shooting bursts at 2.5 fps with AF, or shooting video.

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