Nov 01 2008

Flip Cam

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I bought a Flip Camcorder a couple of weeks ago. I’d like to get a good camcorder, but nothing on the market interests me right now. The Flip is an interim measure.

Small, light, good on batteries, and for the price the quality is quite acceptable. Probably perfect if you are into YouTube postings. Holds up to 60 minutes of video on internal memory. You cannot add more memory and there is no optical zoom, only 2x digital. Attractive price is an upside.

Comes with a built in USB connector for super convenience. The built-in software lets you easily e-mail videos, upload to YouTube and AOL, and capture still photos from video. You can watch videos instantly on TV with an included cable.

I am using rechargeable AA batteries (it needs 2) and they last more than the hour if you do not do lots of playbacks. The better model (Mino) comes with an internal Lithium-ion battery which recharges when the built-in USB arm is connected to a computer.

Awesome deal and available at many retailers, including Amazon. There is the basic model Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder and an enhanced model Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder.

Highly recommended for size and convenience.

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