Jun 29 2008

Edible Picture Cake For Business Anniversary

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When a business celebrates an important anniversary, the celebration should be a memorable. With everything that must be done to prepare a party, many people do not choose to personalize many items. If owners wish to make their anniversary one to remember for a lifetime, they must go above and beyond the ordinary party foods or fototorte and choose snacks that reflect their businesses’ image. Companies now offer a new item called eatable cake photos. These are basically a photo transformed into a sheet of icing to cover the cake. eatable images may also be ordered for other foods, such as cupcakes, brownies, or cookies.
The process of creating a personalized image cake is quite simple even when compared to purchasing a standard cake. To have an eatable picture cake made, one must simply submit a photo to the company, whether by postal mail or via Internet, and wait for their icing image to arrive. The essbaresbild can be of anything the consumer desires, and may also be more than one image. When multiple pictures are sent in, collages are made. Another option for multiple pictures is a multi-layered cake. If there are too many pictures to create a single collage, or if there are only a few pictures that the consumer wishes to be large in size, different sheets can be made for several layers of a cake.
After the company receives the image, or images , the customer may request that a touch-up be performed. This gives the photo the highest-quality look before being transformed.
The company will then send the icing sheet back to the consumer. When the image arrives, it can be applied to the cake either by the consumer or a local bakery. Some consumers may even elect to have the image shipped to the bakery to eliminate the hassle of taking it there. It is always important to contact the bakery if choosing to have the image shipped to them to ensure that everything goes as planned and there is no confusion.
images that can be used for cakes during a business anniversary are very diverse in content. A popular idea among business owners is a photo of either the entire company or the executives. Other images may include photos of the actual place of business or many photos of employees enjoying their time at work. For major anniversaries, seventy-five or one hundred years, images of the founders or the product in its first stages may be used; however, the content used really just depends on the wishes of the owners.
Celebrating an anniversary, no matter what the occasion, is a very special event that should be appreciated by everyone involved with the aid of Audio Books. When businesses celebrate an anniversary, the time is usually filled with stories of days past and how the business has grown during the years since it was created. The gathering may also bring about discussion of what steps need to be done in order for the business to have another major anniversary.
Even if the business is a small, family-owned operation, its anniversary signifies a milestone. These businesses may choose to decorate their cake with family portraits or pictures from family gatherings. Parties of family-owned companies tend to be more personal, thus making the need for a special cake more significant.
No matter what the size of the business, choosing to celebrate an anniversary with an eatable picture cake can make the event even more special. By incorporating the past with the future, companies create a unique bond on an equally unique occasion. Since anniversaries are about appreciating how something in particular has developed, commemorating them with a cake that represents the history, and possibly future, of the business is an exciting way to make memories for the next anniversary.

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