Apr 01 2007

Canon and Comets

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What do Canon and Comets have in common?

Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy discovered a green comet on March 15, 2007 with a Canon 350D digital camera. For his efforts, the comet has been named Comet Lovejoy, with an official designation of C/2007 E2. Lovejoy’s discovery of this comet is believed to be the first one for an amateur with a common digital camera. Terry used a zoom lens set to 200-mm focal length at f/2.8, with exposures of 90 seconds each. He was able to see the comet near the edge of the frame in 16 of the exposures.

For more details on this story, visit either this webpage or this webpage or do a search in Google, with suggested search terms of “lovejoy comet camera”.

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