Feb 24 2010

Explore Your Passion with Photography and Filmmaking Camp

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Are you interested in filmmaking or wish to learn the various facets of filmmaking? Then Film Production with Final Cut Studio is the study for you. The Tech Camp offers the study that allows you learn the process of conveying yourself through films. The summer film camps are organized and the course is taught by teachers from film schools who are the students or even by professional filmmakers. Several production stages are introduced to the students through this course such as, script writing, editing, camera techniques and interview conducting procedures. The students are given the knowledge involving these parts of filmmaking by applying software like and Abode After Effects and Apple Final Cut Studio( with final cut pro 7).

The students will learn film production and film-making art utilizing the Apple Final Cut Studio which also includes information about marking and trimming clips in a given time. By using the Abode After Effect the students learn to add extra effects, filters, music, titles, transitions and credits to the film. These teen camps give a great exposure to students preparing for a growth in this creative field and by learning Apple applications they actually good start in their careers in this direction.

The film industry practices the Final Cut Studio as the editing suite and it is the solution to all the queries about top notch film applications and video editing, color grading, sound mixing, creation of motion graphics and digital delivery. Final Cut Studio is a comprehensive set that includes DVD Studio Pro 4, Compressor 3.5, Final Cut Pro 7, Color 1.5 and Soundtrack Pro 3. This award winning film production software helps the students who are entered for this brand new addition to the Tech Camp curriculum. The film camp has a unique curriculum carefully designed for each and every student in the camp.

The Visual Arts Camp also offers professional Photography Camp for the students who have a desire to view the world through their lens. The course offers high technical study to learn the characteristics of your Digital SLR camera and also lets you know when to use them. You can create stunning and crystal clear pictures by learning ideal balance between several aspects of photography such as, composition, exposure, light, aperture, and shutter speed. The students practice the Abode Photoshop and Lightroom software to learn this fine artwork.

The camp recruits many of the high level teachers with mastery in the area of professional photography. The students obtain an opportunity to learn the art from these people who gain a very effective portfolio in photography. The study is highly recommended for all those who have a flair for photography and want to go after it as a profession subsequently in life. The photoshop camps are great step forward in providing the students an exposure in this filed and familiarizing them to this visual art form. The comprehensive curriculum includes Studio Tours and excursion for the students to have a more close watch at the respective field during their course.

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