Mar 02 2009

Wonderful Photos with Mosaic Photo Techniques

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In our digital world today, modifying photos and creating digital images is not really an impossible thing. There are several photo softwares that are available for you to buy, download free, and use in your own home. These types of software are very simple to learn. You don’t need a lot of patience and a degree to become an artist of your own right, you only need a little amount of time in understanding and getting to know well the basics first. Then, the more advanced features will be taken in a stride.
There are a number of photo softwares to choose from, one of which is mosaic photo software. Mosaic is the kind of art done by projecting a certain kind of image by placing different kinds of pictures of different colors and brightness, which usually will reach up to hundreds. In the digital age everything is possible. You can choose from several mosaic photo softwares that are available to download, which are listed below:

– The Mosaic Cretor, create a wonderful Mosaic Photo with small images.  It can also render good images using image collections with minimum amounts with fine color enhance.

-    Easy Photo Mosaic Maker – Like most mosaic photo softwares do, it allows you to create a large mosaic image using many small photo cells. It also has color adjustments for mosaics with minimum image collections. The output scale of these software is amazing – up to 38400×38400 pixels (400 gb hdd space needed). And it reduces hardware requirement with its multi-page function.

-    AndreaMosaic – With this software, you need to have a collection of images to use as the tiles of the mosaic and an image you need to use as a matrix for the mosaic.

-    MacOSaiX: Mosaics for MAC OS X – This software might be a little bit complicated, but it still does its job. The version 2.0 has just came out.

-    Image Mosaic Plug-in for GIMP – mosaic software that creates an image by using several images and the original is partitioned into several tiles. The color traits of each tile are compared with the files of an image library.

– The Photo Tiled, because of its util is it used very often. It works with the same technicque as other mosaic software, small image to make a picture.

-    ArcSoft Photo Montage Video Edition – This software is slightly different from the rest of its pack.  It does the usual stuff, only that you can extract individual frames our videos and use them create your own image.

-    MacZaic 2.0  – it creates wonderful images from only one photograph, a folder full of photographs, or a pregenerated database of pictures.

-    Image puzzler – This program not only creates images out of tiny pictures but also it gets pictures from image libraries or other offline media.

-    Centarsia – Centarsia makes photo mosaics out of pictures that are given by the user. This is very ideal for people who travel and like to create photo mosaics out of the pictures they have taken while shooting some interesting spots.

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