Dec 28 2008

Why Not Create An Digital Photo Occasion Book For A Great Gift

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Do you have lots of digital photos on your computer and are not sure what to do with them?  Then why not create an Occasion book to give to loved ones as a great gift.Unlike clothes it's sure to fit and last a life time.

The first thing to do is plan. Make a list of the people you want to create the occasion books for. Think about the types of photos they would like in the book.  Some people are quite easy grandparents would like to see plenty of pictures of their grandchildren.  If you have a son they might like an occasion book full of cars, planes and boats.  If your wife likes flowers why not take the digital camera and snap some pictures of her favourite flowers and put them in the photo book.

You can also create an occasion book on some major events in your friends or familys wife.  For example your childs first birthday or christmas snap plenty of pictures with your digital camera, take some notes for each picture so you can add some text to each picture to tell a story in your occasion book.

Weddings make for a great oppurtunity for an occasion book.  The bride and groom will have photos professionaly taken these can then be scanned to placed in a photo book, not only that but you could also take photos at all the informal parties to add to the book as well.

Creating an occasion book is quite simple.  The best idea is to sort out all of the photos that you would like to put in the book and use many of the online printing companies to print out your photo book.The books can be created in hardcover, softcover and even in linen.  It is very easy and you should give it a go.


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