Oct 23 2008

Why Learning Photography is So Cool

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Learning photography can be a fun and interesting hobby that may even turn into a career for the right person. Taking photographs helps people learn about things that are happening in the world and shows them things that they never would have seen otherwise. Learning photography is like learning to drive. It’s pointless to have discussions about automechanics or to explain how all the parts work together.

Photography colleges refine and focus the student’s individual creative talent while teaching the technical, critical and practical skills that are required in the photography profession. Students are encouraged to hone their image storytelling and fine tune their style and approach in still image making through conceptual and critical thinking. Photography is something that anyone can pick up pretty fast . However, in this digital era, you’ll be able to learn much faster than anyone could in the days of analogue film cameras.  Now you can have a complicate digital camera, or even give you your kids something as basic as a Fisher Price Digital Camera, that is for sure one of the most fun toys any kid may have now a days.

Photography is a balance: You have to be well versed technically, but you need the eye to find the image. Too far on either side and you’ll see it in the image.

Photography is such a technical subject that many photographers get caught up in it, or snarled up in it, as the case may be. Cameras are such wonderful contrivances that we can get lured in by the latest gadgetry. Photography’s evolution into an electronic medium has a long history, unknown to most of us. Some of the earliest devices for recording and transmitting electronically based images date well back into the mid–19th Century.

Photography is thrilling and satisfying, but it’s not as easy as many may think – it requires an understanding of light, motion, composition, esthetics and a lot of technical knowledge to gain confident control. Photography is a skill that one learns regardless of the medium used – film or digital. This has been discussed and debated time and time again as to which one is better but that is not the point. Photography tutorials in self-help books require self-management skills on the part of the reader. Unlike photography schools and workshops, self-help books cannot provide support from instructors or other students.

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