Jun 30 2009

Why Buy Nikon D90 Gear

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If you cannot shell out $1500 for a DSLR but willing to spend more than $1000, then buy the excellent Nikon D90. The D90 sells at $999.95 in the United States for the body only and at $1299.99 with the body plus the Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. Now is a great time to buy a D90 because of so many reasons.

I really like the Nikon D90 when it comes to its ergonomic features. This camera is solid and tight, perfect for the 18-105 VR. The Nikon D90 is forever ready to capture pictures and it shoots really fast.

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The Nikon D90 features direct access buttons that are incredibly easy to use. Here is another great reason to buy Nikon D90: It can record HD videos. Photographers nowadays are widening their horizons, and experimenting with moving pictures is one way to test the waters.

You can easily change the camera’s exposures, shutter speeds, and lenses. Also, you can make beautiful effects that are not possible when you use a regular video camera. If you are after image quality, then get the Nikon D90 now.

You will be very satisfied with this outstanding camera. The light metering is fine, looking accurate in almost every instance. I have been using the D90 in various lighting conditions, and it has never shocked or let me down with the results.

If you are an enthusiast of action photography, such as sports or adventure, then buy Nikon D90 camera. I am betting you will like the camera’s ultra-fast autofocus. The AF rises to new heights and leverages 9 focus points in an accurate array.

I am also sure that you will like the fact that it allows you to shoot at 4.5 frames per second continuously. There are many more reasons to buy Nikon D90 gear, but I cannot list them all here because of space limitations.

Overall, the Nikon D90 is deserving of the hypes it is getting. This stunning camera easily edges out most other DSLRs available today.

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