Jun 08 2007

Where do Old Digital Cameras Go?

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I have an old 1.3 mega-pixel point and shoot camera. It still works fine, and the 4×6 prints it produces are great, but it rarely gets used now that I have a 6.3 mp Digital Rebel. Lately I have been thinking that I should do something with it, rather than let it sit around and gather dust. Here are 3 ideas to get you started.

(1) Sell it

No. This is a bad idea. You’ll get very little for it. Maybe not even enough to make the time it took to sell it worthwhile.

(2) Give it to a young child in the family

If you have a young child in your extended family (child, grand-child, niece, nephew, etc.) consider giving the camera to them. You will want to first determine if they are responsible with small electronic items. They will gain an appreciation for photography, and the family may get to see some very interesting views of life. Being digital, there are no regular costs involved, although you may have trouble convincing them not to print all 100 photos they took Sunday afternoon.

(3) Take it with you everywhere you go

I have noticed that some TV news stations, and some newspapers, and even the websites of some radio stations are offering money for news worthy photos. I will not take my good camera everywhere I go, but my old P&S camera fits in a large jacket pocket and is ready to go. For that matter, I had an opportunity last week to be in a photo with 3 cheer leaders from the local pro football team. If I had my little camera with me, I could have asked a passerby to help me out!!!

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