Jun 17 2016

When You Need Royalty Free Images

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The world is media hungry. Posts get noticed more if they have an image or a video associated with them. But traditionally, media costs money. (and please do not just go to Google Images and copy any image you like; you will probably be breaking copyright laws, and companies can easily find the copies you made if you post them online – you want/need Royalty Free Images)

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Then, along come the free sites. I think Pixabay is one of the best free ones.

They can have disadvantages (lower quality, lack of model releases, to name 2) but for social media you can usually find something. Some of them have some decent stuff. You just need a list of the best ones.

Then there are the ones that are inexpensive.

The traditional royalty free sites can charge $10 or more per image. I was using Dollar Photo Club (which was only $1 per image – and they had some good stuff too!!) but they got bought out by Adobe. The Adobe site charges up to $5 per image, with better prices if you purchase more per month, or a yearly plan. One that I use a LOT is Graphic Stock, which is $99 per year for unlimited downloads. There are times I cannot find an image with that great professional look to it, but most of the time there is something appropriate (photo or graphic) that works for social media. Kozzi is also $1 per image, and is my go to place if the free ones or Graphic Stock have nothing suitable. Kozzi is also REALLY good on the model releases for images with people.

Check my Flickr meme page to see samples of stuff I have made for social media. Most of the images are from Graphic Stock, Kozzi, Pixabay, or Adobe.

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