Jul 26 2009

What’s The Very Best Digital Camera Brand To Buy?

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In fact, cramming too many megapixels into a camera with too small an image sensor can seriously degrade your image. You end up with too much noise in your pictures. In addition, more megapixels means you need bigger memory cards, and more room on your computer to store your pictures. That’s just an added expense for you the consumer. Image sensor size (CCD) would be a better specification to judge your buying decision on, but your going to have to dig through the fine print to find that.

With all that in mind, it would be unfair of me to not make at least a few digital camera recommendations. Especially considering the title of this piece. If your unsure of brand, I’d pick Canon. This best small digital cameras and this good digital camera brand advice should help.

Not only can you take you take pictures under the water, you can take it out in the snow with no worries as well. Temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, or -10 degrees Celsius won’t damage the camera. I’m more of a warm weather fan myself.

While there are some other quirky / novelty waterproof cameras, (GoPro Digital HERO 3 Sports Wrist Camera and the Jazz Waterproof 3 In 1), none match the Olympus 790SW in terms of quality and durability.

Retailers have known for years, that consumers generally associate higher prices with quality, and lower prices with defective merchandise. They then price their products accordingly. While these pricing games do exist, there’s good reason for the informed consumer that knows how the game is played, to use that knowledge to their advantage.

This is where things get a bit tricky though, as the factors worth considering are not always the ones camera manufacturers and salespeople tell you about. In digital photography, image sensor size, lens quality, battery consumption, and flash recharge rate, should all be considered.

Face detection is something touted by a lot of manufacturers, but is really an imperfect technology at the moment. Don’t let that be a deciding factor in your purchase.

Meaning, that cameras are not just cameras anymore, they’re actually little miniature computers that just happen to take pictures. We all know how often computers become obsolete and upgraded. That lesson certainly hasn’t been lost on the brain trust that run companies like Canon, Sony, Nikon and Kodak. OK, maybe a little lost with Kodak, but I digress.


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