Jul 31 2009

What You Must See about the History of Digital Photography

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You may be a little surprised to find that the history of digital photography only began a little over a decade ago. Yes, there was a time when digital photography did not exist. The history of digital photography cannot be separated from the quick development of the other fresh products. No one knows how long digital photography will be around. Thus, let’s study more about the history of digital photography to increase our appreciation for what’s not old technology.

Roots from the Screen

It could be something astonishing that the history of digital photography really began back in the 1950s along with the arrival of television. Ever since the arrival of television, that technology has played an important role in the development of other technology, including the digital camera. Such technologies succeed in serving as a stepping-stone in the history of digital photography, even though Video Tape Recorder (VTR) technology and Charged Coupled Devices (CCDs) were completely fresh in the 1950s.

Out of Space

Yes, the space industry was another industry that accidentally contributed to the development of the digital camera. As far back as the 1960s, NASA’s research has affected the history of digital photography. The government also used digital imaging for spy satellites. At the present time and even today, these technologies are seemingly unrelated to the history of digital photography. However it is important for us to note that digital camera would not exist if such technologies didn’t begin first.

A Timeline of Technology

The first gadget made by Sony in 1981 could even be considered as a digital camera. Sony Mavica, the technology taking video freeze frames, has been decided by most experts as a not-true digital camera in its purest sense. Nonetheless, this gadget helped to prompt other inventions that have been important throughout the history of digital photography.

In 1991, Kodak produced the first digital camera for professional photographers. It was a Nikon F-3 camera, and it was equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel sensor. The release of Nikon F-3 camera became a momentous occasion in the history of digital photography. Not very long after that, which was in 1995, the Kodak DC40 camera was produced and known to be the first digital camera for consumer use, especially at the home.

The Combined Puzzle

Ever since the first digital camera produced in 1991, the technology of digital photography has progressed very quickly, regardless it took a while to set the foundation for the digital camera. All in all, by tracing back the history of digital photography, we might come to become aware that digital camera has had a very rich story.

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