Mar 11 2010

Wedding Photography – Trash the Dress

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A recent bride stands in her beautiful white wedding dress near a huge sinkhole several deep in the Mexican Jungles. Not far behind is her well-dressed groom. The bride climbs down a ladder into the abyss, ending up in 4 feet of dirty water on the floor of the underground cave. Bats fly angrily in front of her face, prompting her to scream. Next, she and her groom work their way toward an island in the middle of a cavern. As they reach their goal, they step into a beam of light from the cave roof, and then strobes pop as the Brisbane wedding photographer begins taking pictures while the bats continue to dive around them.

Why would anyone do this? Stunning, out of this world photos unlike any of the shots produced at their wedding just a few days ago; photos that express the couple’s personalities by a setting that may have been inconceivable in the past. The bride and groom share memories of a once-in-a-lifetime scene. The wedding dress may have gotten trashed, but that was the whole point. These moments will last forever through the photos, long after the dress no longer suits.

Brides and grooms want stunning and memorable photography about their wedding, period. They want their memories preserved, but they also want a wedding photographer can get very creative during a couples session. That’s why couples everywhere are donning their wedding garb and not only descending into caves, but jumping into waves, strolling through abandoned carnival parks, wandering through cornfields, wading into forest creeks and chasing other wild pursuits in an increasingly accepted ritual and edgy aspect of Brisbane wedding photography called Trash the Dress (TTD).

More and more couples nowadays are prefering the un-styled, un-scripted memories of the wedding instead of the normal cake and dance. There are no shortage of newlywed couples anxious to experience this ritual, with the number of interested people increasing every minute.If you want to know something about Brisbane portrait photography ,click on the links in this article.

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