Oct 13 2009

Wedding day picture taking techniques

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One of the heaviest task for any wedding is being a photographer. That person is given the big duty of forever etching the events of that special day into photos.Taking pictures of that day is not their only job.They are also given the task of making the event look like an event that only happens in fairytales.Or all photographers need to comprehend that at the least.  So here are some tips to help you make it magical.

First of all as a San Diego wedding photographer one of the best pieces of advice is to try and have the wedding shots during the best lighting.But what is really the best time to take wedding photos.  That is debatable.  But most photographers agree if you can take shots early morning it is good.Although it is also good to take shots during late afternoon.By doing so, you will not be having problems with the excessive brightness from the sun when taking shots.This will give you the opportunity to take excellent photos.

Second as a San Diego photographer, I make sure to know the schedule of events.It is very important to take note of the schedule of events.  This allows the photographer to get ready to capture those moments.A photographer will have the ability to anticipate shots when he has the grasp of the things happening during the wedding.Not only the portrait shots but also the candid ones.Most of the time, candid shots are those that would really reflect the special moments that happened during that day.

Finally doing event photography in San Diego you should always be prepared. Backup films should always be in hand.  They need to make sure they have backup cameras. All mechanical equipments that have the ability to go bonkers especially during important events must have a backup.The worst thing you wouldn’t want to happen as a photographer is when one of your equipments break.It would be terrible to miss taking shots when something breaks.The generel rule is to be always prepared.  If you do that you should have no problems capturing that special day.

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