Sep 23 2008

Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Digital Camera

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When problems arise with your digital camera when you’re out taking pictures, sometimes it’s not too easy to fix them.There is a solution however!  As football fans are fond of saying, “The best defense is a good offense.”  And the best offense here is to avoid problems with your digital camera in the first place.


That’s not to say things aren’t going to happen that are unexpected and unavoidable.A little prior planning, however, would prevent many of the common problems photographers have when out taking pictures.


Dead Batteries


There’s nothing worse than missing that great picture because the camera battery died.  The easy solution is to always, ALWAYS, have extra batteries in your camera case.You need at least one spare whether you’re using rechargeable or regular batteries.. 


Also, bear in mind that if you’re outside shooting in cold weather, your batteries will die a lot quicker.When the temperatures drop, digital batteries just don’t last as long. It might be a good idea to have two or more spares in cold weather.


Yes, batteries are expensive, but it’s worth the spending a little extra money to keep from beating your head against the wall because a dead battery made you miss that once in a lifetime shot. 



When Cards Go Bad


A while back I went on vacation and took all my pictures on one card.I thought I had lots of wonderful pictures from my trip.I knew I’d filled that card with lots of great pictures. 


The scenery was indeed breathtaking, but what really took my breath away was when I tried to load the pictures onto my computer and got one of those dreaded “ERROR” messages.The card looked fine, but it was corrupted. All the files were useless.With no way to retrieve the files, all those great pictures went up in a puff of electronic smoke.


While it doesn’t happen often, cards can and do go bad.Easing this disaster is why it’s smarter to have two or more smaller cards instead of one great big memory card.Get a couple of 1-GB cards, for example, instead of buying a 2-GB card. 


Yes, it’s cheaper to buy a huge bunch of gigabytes on one card.If you only have one card, however, you lose ALL your pictures if it goes bad.Don’t goof up and rely on one card.Be certain you’ll have at least part of your pictures and not lose them all. 


Remember, two cards are better than one.



It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


The weather isn’t cooperating, or maybe you just like pictures of rain.If you’re riding in a boat or dallying at the seashore, there’s a lot of moisture around there too.You want some pictures, but you don’t want a ruined camera.Is there any way to keep your camera dry?


Well, you can buy protective gear to keep in your camera case for such times.  Places like B & H Photo or Calumet Photographic stores carry waterproof cases.  However, if it’s just an occasional thing, you might not want to spend money for such equipment.


For a make-do solution, carry a clear plastic bag in your camera case to keep water off your camera.If you don’t have a plastic bag in your camera case and you’re traveling, grab one of those disposable shower caps and use it.


Planning Ahead Saves Your Sanity


If planning ahead doesn’t save your sanity, it will at least improve your chances for good pictures with your digital camera.A dry camera, charged batteries and extra memory cards will insure your chance to take lots of pictures.


And that’s why you bought a digital camera in the first place, right?

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