Mar 22 2009

Ways To Sell Pictures Online

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Let’s say you just got a digital camera for your birthday or Christmas and now you want to start taking pictures and selling them online for thousands of dollars.  It doesn’t work that easy.  You need to put a little work in before you can expect some results.  You have to learn how to take the best pictures before you can hope to sell your photos.  In this article you will get some tips and sites to sell your photos online.

So how to sell photos online? There are several choices you have.  You can go with photographers showcase site and be grouped with hundreds of other photographers and try to sell your photos with the same gallery software with very little customization.This makes it difficult to separate yourself from everyone else and your results will be based on that. 

You need to have your own site to sell pictures online.  This way you can have it looking the way you want to and you will be the only focus on that site.  Then, all you have to worry about is getting traffic to your site and selling photos. The best advice when you decide to run your own site is to get a domain that is about your niche and not so much about your name.You can buy your branded name site but you will get better results with your own "niche" domain.

Still another option is to have your photos on sites like ShutterStock and IStockPhoto.  These sites host your photos and pay you a small fee for each time your picture is downloaded.When you have hundreds and thousands of pictures on these sites, you can earn a sizeable monthly passive income.All you have to do is take the photos, retouch them, upload them and then get paid when they get downloaded. 

So there you have it.  You have several choices when you want to start selling pictures online.  Instead of thinking about all ways to start selling, pick one method and focus on it for 3-6 months and get started.

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