Dec 21 2009

Ways in capturing clearer photos

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A professional photographer should know the right way in taking a picture.It should have a nice focus.And if it is an action shot the photo must not be blurred.But not all people are professional photographers that is why they commit a lot of mistakes when taking photos.  So here are a couple of tips to help you take better pictures.

First tip would be about focus.  Or more particularly how to make sure your subject is the focus of the shot.  Obviously being a San Diego wedding photographer it is very important in weddings.But if you do not put your subject in the center the subject can get out of the focus.To resolve that you must first put in the center of your shot the subject.Then you should half press first because this would result to the camera auto focusing on the subject.  Then you would put them off to the side and take the shot.  This is great when you want them off to the side.

Next tip is really good for action shots.  As a San Diego event photography service a lot of events are going to be action oriented events.Meaning the subjects will not be still for a lot of time.The trick is mentioned already in the first tip and that is to half press so that the camera would focus on the subject first.  That way it focuses on the subject and reduces the shutter delay.  This will allow you to catch the action without it blurring.

The subject getting too bright is what the final tip is about.  This happens a lot doing San Diego commercial photographer work.  The trick is to once again take advantage of the cameras auto features. Here you would point the camera at something that is brighter.This would result in the camera making it less brighter. Then once it does that then you take a shot of your subject. You will see they aren’t as bright anymore.

So those are some easy tricks you can do to take greater pictures.

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