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The making and recording of films and digital photos is generally referred to as videography. The stocking devices that are used in videography could be pretty varied from flashes or memory sticks to external hard disks. There is also a difference between cinematography and videography, even if they basically refer to pretty much the same process, in that, in the case of the latter, images are recorded directly on electronic media rather than on film as is done in the case of the former. As far as the origin of the word is concerned, Latin has again had much to contribute to the invention of the term as video in this old language means I see whereas graphy refers to writing.

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Back in the old days, people could not speak about videography because technology was not so advanced in order to require a new term. They used the word cinematography instead of the one under discussion here. But with the coming of the 21st  century and the boom in technological development, the need for a new word arose in order to make a difference between the two processes that involved different stocking possibilities. Then, videography gained a lot from the growth of the Internet because the segmentation of the market and the extent in applications have increased proportionately. Event video, corporate video or broadcast video are just a few examples of the market segments we refer to, although the list is much longer than that.

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In addition to shooting images, videography has come to include even newer types of movies and here we can talk about animation of various types, digital animation, slide-shows, video blogging, video games, web streaming, and the like. This rapidly growing process, that has gained so much ground during these modern times, may involve only work on the computer without even using devices that capture images. This means that computer programs are now designed to create animation. The applications of videography are included in mobile phone technologies as we can take pictures and record videos with the in-built camera of the cellular.


Finally, videography also designates the collection of music videos or video films of an artist as compared to filmography, which means the collection of all the movies made by an actor, or discography, which refers to all the discs released on the market by a singer or a band.

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