Jun 05 2012

Uncover The Benefits Of Owning The Olympus Waterproof Digital Camera

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Most pocketable digital cameras are family friendly and meant for fun outings and traveling. They have a robust set of features with good quality capabilities and have the ability to store a large number of pictures on removable memory cards. Prices of these digital cameras are reasonable and much cheaper than most smartphones. Spending more on a digital camera often means better image quality and more manual features for amateurs and professionals to tinker with. Olympus has a lineup of digital cameras in the Tough family which focuses more on durability and resistance to the elements plus some nice imaging features although that can depend on the model. Olympus Stylus Tough 3000 is one of the inexpensive models in the series.


Along with some outstanding photographic capabilities the rugged Olympus Stylus Tough 3000 camera comes in a number of attractive colors, including pink and blue. Oddly enough, there is no Black design so you have to go for a higher-end Olympus Stylus Tough model if you want a black color.

The 2.7 inch LCD display is pretty much the standard for cameras in this price range, but it is more than adequate to get the job done. And all cameras in the Tough Series, including the Tough 3000 model is designed to be freezeproof, waterproof and shock resistant. This is a great combination of features especially for a camera priced less than $200. The waterproof characteristic lets you take photos underwater. You should be fine as long as you don’t go any more than 10 feet deep.

The shockproof characteristic better protects the camera from drops of up to 5 feet. The metal frame helps absorb the shocks nicely. And the freezeproof feature allows you to take the camera on a ski trip or for an occasional stay in your car overnight. It is quite tolerable too as it can survive in very low temperatures going down to -10 degrees -10°C or 14°F.

The Tough 3000 comes equipped with a 3.6x wide angle optical zoom and a 12 megapixel sensor. The camera design keeps the lens from protruding past the frame thus keeping the camera more compact and easier to protect from the elements. Image stabilization is accomplished with the Sensor Shift combined with the high ISO sensitivity which allows you to take great in focus pictures of subjects that are in motion AF Tracking contributes to the clarity of these fast-moving subjects as well.

For beginner users, the Intelligent Auto is a nice feature to use because it automatically detects the scene and applies the appropriate optimizations so photos look better. One of the most unique features is called advanced face detection which automatically focuses on up to 12 faces and focuses and sharpens each one.

The technology called Shadow Adjustment adjusts the light exposure for every situation. Creative Art Filters can optionally be applied if you want to have some nice effects like pop art or fish eye to your pictures without the need of using a computer photo editor.

Even though the Olympus Stylus Tough 3000 is an entry level camera in the Olympus waterproof digital camera product line it is durable and has plenty of features.

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