Jul 11 2011

Top Pro Equipment Must-Haves For 2011

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Probably all professional photographers have a bit of gear that they wouldn’t want to be without. Here we share with you our top six suggestions for must have hardware, in no precise order.

– Apple iPad : Yes it’s a toy, but it’s also a good tool. One of the best uses is to show off your photography and writing, but you can also use it to keep a watch on the impending weather conditions and edit photographs.

– Really Right Stuff Ballheads : Not all photographers use these, but you should check them out. RSS ballheads are some of the very best available, they don’t stick and there’s a quick-release lever that almost never fails. They come in different sizes, from light for travel to industrial quality, and a top notch tripod with a good ballhead really is must have gear for a serious photographer.

Digital Camera Repair : Often accidents happen, and you find yourself short of some aid. What cando} you do and where can you turn when you want to replace a missing battery cover on your Nikon D90, or need the damaged LCD screen repaired on your Canon Rebel XSi? A few quick searches online will reveal that there are just a few digital camera repair shop around, so picking a good one is vital.

– LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit : Keeping your CMOS sensor free from debris isn’t an easy job, but this kit goes a ways to help get it done. The viewer / magnifier fits over the lens mount opening and has a built in light to show you all those dust specs on the CMOS. The LensPen picks up the dust and saves you a lot of money and time cleaning up the photographs after the shoot.

– Petzel Tikka Headlight : They may look a little strange when you first get it, but if you sometimes move from place to place when it’s dark before or after shooting out of doors, having a trustworthy torch is important! This LED light is little and light, and lasts a long long time on only 1 set of batteries. The best part is that you wear it on your head or around your hat so you which allows you to use your hands for something else.

– Microfiber Lens Cleaner : These cloths do a wonderful job at getting clean glasses or camera lenses, and you should as a rule use one. Don’t wipe the front of a lens that has grit or sand on it, clear that off first and use the microfiber wipe to remove light dust and smudges. These wipes can usually be washed for regular usage, and can last for years.

– Canon EOS 5D Mark II : This is such an amazing camera, small wonder it’s so popular. The camera is reliable, small and lightweight and has a full-frame sensor that lets you use your wide-angle lenses as wide-angle lenses. Of course the camera also records HD video, which nearly makes it the perfect DSLR camera.

We are hoping you find at least one tip in list to be useful and educational. May you spend many years ahead enjoying your favourite form of photography, and keep checking back with us for more hints, tips and guides from time to time!

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