Jul 21 2009

Top 3 Photo to Oil Painting Services Reviewed

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Chances are you have tons of photographs lying around. A few may be digital while others are old fashioned Polaroids. Many of us would like to convert photos to oil painting but aren’t sure “how” to do this.

Up until a few years ago, old fashioned artists would check out photos and convert them to art by simply "eyeing" them. Artists would use the photo as a frame of reference and sketch the photo, fill it and paint it…layer by layer.

Today, things are quite different. With the introduction of digital software programs like Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro, many people are attempting to paint their photos. They quickly realized it is not easy and requires great skill.

Most people that try painting on their own ultimately give up. You see, the same principles that apply to the old days still applies to the digital age. You need to be an artist to paint your photos on your own. So the next obvious choice is outsourcing, or asking someone else to paint your photos.

With the introduction of the internet, you no longer need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to retain a local artist to convert your photo to an oil painting. Today there are tons of website that house artists from around the world to paint in record time with great results. These artists are quite skilled and will make any photo come alive with beautiful colors, brush strokes and modern painting methods.

The next train of thought is obvious. With all the websites out there, which one can I trust the most to convert a photo to an oil painting? Luckily, the team at PhotoPainting.us has gone through all the rigorous testing and found the 3 big winners. We compared delivery time and quality and there was one clear winner. Visit www.PhotoPainting.us to see our top results.

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