Jul 26 2009

Tired Of Digital Camera Misinformation?

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Now that Canon has released the latest addition to it’s ever popular Digital Rebel lineup, the XSi, many current Rebel XT or XTi owners are likely wondering about upgrading. The short answer is . . . don’t! It’s really not worth it. Sure, Live View, a larger LCD, and faster FPS can seem enticing, but is it really worth it? What is it your really after here?

Anything in the $200 to $500 price range will get you much the same camera as the previously mentioned cameras, with a few improved features. Typically higher resolution LCD screens, better lenses, higher zoom factors, more manual control, and overall better image quality.

Another advantage to the Canon 30D and 40D models, is that most accessories that work with the 30D and 40D will also work with cameras further up the Canon model line like the 5D. Rebel accessories generally won’t.

More bells and whistles, or better pictures? Personally, if I’m going to upgrade it’s going to be something substantial. Something that allows me to take better photographs, and improve my skills as a photographer. Allow me to illuminate.This what are the critical aspects to look in a digital camera and this digital camera prices should help.

Being one of the best selling models in the Canon line, a major overhaul would have been crazy on Canons part, both from a sales number perspective, and a user experience perspective. They have however added several smart new features. Not the least of which being Live View.

Given the perpetual affliction of “upgradeitis” that many cameras geeks find themselves in, that could save a whack of money on the next upgrade. Of course you don’t necessarily need to save that money, you could always just sink it into a really nice new lens to go with that upgraded camera 😉

And, it is a formidable piece of equipment. If this doesn’t get the Canon fanboys (and girls) overextending their lines of credit, then nothing will. It may even entice a few Nikon fans. Bold statement yes I know, but lets take a closer look at why the 450D Digital Rebel will be force to be reckoned with in marketplace.

Well your close already. The internet is really the best place to find sale prices on anything including digital cameras. But, digital cameras especially so because of the over abundance of camera retailers online.


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