Dec 01 2009

Tips on taking digital photos

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A popular hobby with a lot of people is photography.A lot of people like to take pictures.  Whether it is family shots or events. Or they love to take phots of places they go to.One thing people want to know about is taking better photos.And with the advent of digital cameras it is easier to do.  But there are still some things you should know to take the best photos possible.So, here are some tips to help you improve your skills in digital photography.

Now these tips are from the experience I have gained as a San Diego wedding photographer.These tips were gained going through a trial by fire.Because when you are taking shots of a big or special event you better get it right.

So first thing you want to to is learn how to see the light.You, as a photographer, should know the effects of light on your shots.  This is something I learned as a San Diego photographer.  Things like the rays of the sun during the day.Or a room light can make a big difference. Thankfully with digital cameras you can test out the lighting with actual shots.So the first tip is to test the effect of the light on your shots.

The next tip I will give is one should learn the art of creating depth and dimension on your photos.In our world, we look at things in 3-dimensions.But cameras only use 2-dimensions.But you can make it look like 3-D when you learn how to create depth and dimension.  It is a trick I had to learn doing San Diego event photography.Nobody want to just look at photos of events.They like to feel as if they are in that place when looking at the photo.It could be possible if you just learn how to create depth in your photos .

Those are just a few of the many lessons you can learn on photography but learning those two tips is valuable.Your photos will be more beautiful and you will be more appreciative of your accomplishment.So you must learn that taking photos is not just as easy as aiming ang clicking .  No, taking pictures is an art form.

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