Mar 29 2011

Tips For Portrait Photography

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Taking photographs of still objects is one thing, but trying to perfect a portrait is another. Portraits always has its own specialty, they convey a special message to the viewers, they are most memorable to the subject and the photographer also has got a certain level of sentiments attached to it. The tips given will make you one of the best candidate for the next portrait photography job you are presenting yourself.

If you’re just taking a simple family portrait, you’re probably fairly limited to stock backdrops and colors behind their heads. If you are a person looking for difference in your approach then you can do a lot by experimenting on the backgrounds and color schemes depending on the emotional setup. Backgrounds can be minimal if you really want to draw attention to the person that you’re photographing, or they can be more chaotic if you’re looking to capture both the person and their surroundings. Try different settings with your subject to see which best captures the mood you’re aiming for.

As with all types of photography, the lenses that you use can affect the outcome quite a bit. While most portrait photographs are taken with stock lenses, you can try experimenting with things like wide angle lenses to add different depths and feelings to the finished product. A wide angle lens will accentuate parts of the body or face that don’t normally get distorted or stretched, adding a unique flair to the portrait. You should avoid using a wide angle lens when the background is of a unique color. This is because it creates too much focus on the distorted and elongated body parts that aren’t placed against anything else that’s moved. Now a days many people keen to know about wedding photography poses and why not people loves photography.

It’s very easy to get into a routine of using the same framing and focal length of your lenses to take good shots. Photographers often find a “sweet spot” and stick to it when they’re taking portrait photos. You can do a lot experiments in portrait photography hence you will not get the similar kind of apprehension like other styles of photography.

You should always try to follow a different approach in portrait photography or else all your portraits will look alike. You can put the subject a little out of focus to add some mystery to the whole photograph. Rotating the camera around the subject while taking the shot is another method to bring some element of variety. Don’t just think that you have to hold your camera up and down or side to side to take good portraits, for fear of losing the subject as the focal point of the piece. You can create a mysterious look in the portraits by positioning your camera in the most unusual locations. Different camera angles can add new depth that you may not have thought of before.

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