Feb 20 2010

The Secret of Travel Photography

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One of the most appealing fields of photography is travel photography. While visiting a new place, every photographer wants to find a way to catch its feel, its uniqueness and bring it home with him.

When you think of a particular place, all the different elements that cross your mind are melt together to form its unique character or personality, that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it different from any other place in the world. Whether it’s an old village or an exotic travel destination, a good Brisbane portrait photographer can capture its uniqueness and present it to the audience. This article is aimed to share some ideas on how to capture the character of a place through Brisbane corporate photography .

Basic Elements A location has certain specifics which make it what it is. In most cases, these can be broken down into landscape, culture and people. Let’s take each of them separately to go into much more details.

Landscape. Every little town, mountain or city looks different from any other place in the world. The architecture may be exclusive to that specific region or the natural surroundings may be unique. Think about the Gaudi area in Barcelona or the steep cliffs and rough seas of the coasts of Ireland and Scotland. Think about how the place looks like at night or early in the morning.

Culture. An important aspect of a destination’s character is its culture. A photographer can capture factors of culture in foods, drinks, local festivals and other things that are specific to that place.

People. People from different parts of the world look, dress and behave differently. Try to take as many photos as possible, both posed and candid, and catch people in activities the place is known for. If they are very famous for being happy and lively you should take photos at parties to express this lifestyle. If they are hard working, photograph them when they are at work.

Travel photography is a very complex job because you need to be good at Brisbane portrait photography , still life photography, nature photography and still life photography. Learning all these will put you on the right track of becoming a good photographer.

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