Dec 31 2009

The Real Beauty of Panoramic Photo Frames

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If scenic landscape pictures are something you love, then you probably love panoramic pictures. Panoramic pictures have grown in popularity with the increasing use of panoramic format cameras and the popularity of digital photography. If you’re unfamiliar with panoramic pictures, now is the time to start learning why they’re so popular and how they can add a new look to your home decorating.
Why are panoramic picture frames so popular among photography enthusiasts?

  • They are a unique way to capture breathtaking vistas and tall landscapes. Now you can take a full picture of the Eiffel tower or the Statue of Liberty or capture an entire cityscape.
  • Their non-standard shape gives an creative touch to your picture wall making your photo stand out. A panoramic picture frame adds a unique dimension to your photo display whether it’s displayed by itself or in a group.
  • They are less expensive than having to buy a larger picture frame with a mat to fit the panoramic photo size. Now with panoramic frames widely available you can find exactly what you want without the big expense of having a custom frame made.

Panoramic Picture Basics

There are a three primary ways to take panoramic pictures: a camera using APS film, a digital camera with a panoramic setting or to digitally “stitch” together multiple pictures into a panoramic photo.

Originally, panoramic photos first became popular with film camers using a film called APS (Advanced Photo System). These cameras are still used today and took pictures in specific panoramic sizes. But these days, with the widespread use of digital cameras and the software for image “stitching,” there are no restrictions as to the size of your panoramic picture. Now the limit for panoramic photos comes to framing your picture. The options for framing your panoramic photos are limited to three common sizes of ready made panoramic picture frames. The sizes are 3.5×10, 4×12 and 4×10. Ready made frames are most popular because they’re significantly less expensive than custom picture frames.

Ready made panoramic frame styles are usually simple with clean lines and are available in either metal or wood frames. Wood panoramic frames are generally more popular because they’re available in a large variety of stained colors so you can better highlight tones in your photo. The wide variety of colors and the classic simple style of panoramic frames complements almost any decor and will add a new dimension to your photo displays.

Even though the availability of APS film is diminishing, that doesn’t mean panoramic pictures are going away. With the immense popularity of digital photography, panoramic pictures and panoramic frames will be around for a long time. So keep capturing those beautiful panoramic vistas and have fun creating a truly unique photo display by mixing in the eye catching look of panoramic picture frames.

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