Apr 22 2009

The Marine Camera Is For Professionals

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The art of underwater photography is only carried out using special marine digital cameras operated by professionals from many scientific disciplines. Using an marine  camera requires skill as you are operating in a foreign environment Many waterproof cameras are ok but they cannot be submerged for more than a meter below the surface of the water

If your in the market for one of these marine digital cameras to buy you could buy one of the cheaper options if you are only going below the surface for a short while and not to deep.

You see, water pressure is the real problem for these cameras as well as water leaks Of course quality camera manufacturers have overcome this problem by creating watertight plastic cases that encompass the digital camera. Cases like this, inexpensive in comparison to a real weatherproof digital camera, can for a while make you believe that you too are some kind of underwater photographer.

There are a few things you need to be aware of if you are taking photos underwater.

Water diffuses the light and the farther down you go the more this diffusion occurs. This means that your marine digital camera will produce images darker than those images you took while on land so to avoid this, use white balance adjustment to help with natural colors. You will also notice when you see the pictures taken underwater that they appear larger than they should; this is part of the magnifying effect water has. Many novices make the mistake of not checking the viewfinder carefully to make sure they are going to take a picture containing exactly what they want in the final shot.

You don’t want to have a camera that leaks when you go underwater so before you dive, check that the case is waterproof by holding it below the surface for a few seconds. Especially check the seal to make sure that a grain of sand or even a hair hasn’t broken the seal. Small silica gel packs can be useful if they can fit in the case without causing an obstruction.

Ask your marine digital camera supplier if you can add extra lenses to complete the kit. If you enjoy looking at things close up then you will need to fit a macro lens.

When you have finished using your marine digital camera be careful to wash it thoroughly to make sure all the salt water is removed as the salt will crystallize and this can cause leaks. The best way to rinse of an marine digital camera where grains of sand are present in particular is with a flow of clean water.

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