Apr 14 2010

The Glamour Photography Business

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Women dominate glamour photography. This kind of photography business is commercial and artistic at the same time, as it portrays the subjects in a sexually attractive or romantic postures. Since subjects are usually nude or semi-nude, glamour photography is also considered a form of softcore pornography. Professional models, film stars or celebrities in the music industry regularly pose for glamour photography. The photos are used for men’s magazines, pinups, calendars and lots of other publications.

The early forms of glamour photography appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Scantily dressed women with a playful attitude best described these postcards sold by street vendors. Marlyn Monroe and Betty Grable have remained in the ‘hall of fame’ of glamour photography. The attractive financial perspective convinces lots of women to take this kind of modeling. And magazines now rely on glamour photography to actually sell their issues.

Besides Playboy and FHM, there are tabloids, health magazines, Maxim magazines and lots of others that depend on glamour photography. The nudity part falls on the second place, after glamour, in most such cases. It is almost a cliché to see topless pictures with women holding their hands like a handbra to cover the breasts. You’ll see at the newsagents stand that glamour photography is widespread.

Let’s not forget the artistic part of glamour photography, as there is beauty to it, without any doubt. Cosmetic conditioning and brushing are usually performed on the photos before publication, but the quality of the pics is generally very high. Plus, the tiny imperfections are also removed during the process. For the make up and accessories, glamour photography couldn’t be possible without these.

A model will thus need the help of an entire team for professional shooting sessions. In this kind of photography business, the sessions is thus backed by makeup artists, hair stylists, designers and finally photographers. Lots of photos are taken and only the best are then chosen for publication. Photo selection then becomes the next stage in the photography business plan before publication. The editor is the one who finally decides whatever material is going to be used.

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