Jul 23 2009

The Future Of Digital Cameras Is Now

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The internet is bursting at the seams with information on digital cameras and just about any other product your imagination can dream up. And some you can’t 😉 The biggest problem with shopping online, is condensing and sorting all the relevant information while at the same time filtering out all the superfluous noise surrounding it.

I harp on the LCD quality, only because your probably not going to find a viewfinder on many cameras in this category. Manufacturers like to ditch the viewfinder for more LCD size. The downside being, that the LCD better be good, as it’s the only way you’ll be able to know what your taking a picture of. Side note: be sure to carry around extra batteries . . . big LCDs are battery hogs.

For under $200 there are some pretty nice digital cameras that would suit the purposes of the average photographer. Someone in this category is looking to have a good camera to take on vacation, to the cousins wedding, and to catch junior blowing out the birthday candles.

Don’t worry about megapixels, as the image quality of any camera over 5MP will be all but indistinguishable to the average photographer.This s.l.r. 35mm and this slr camera batteries should help.

If your looking in the over $1000 price category, then to be quite honest you don’t need my help. The best digital camera prices for these cameras is really less of an issue. Anyone looking to spend this much money for a camera should let their own personal preferences be their guide. Camera functionality and image quality are far more important at this point.

Savvy consumers really know how to use all the shopping opportunities to their advantage. Time to buy that perfect digital camera, and start taking pictures

Would you know where to look, to get the top digital camera, at the best price? Most people don’t. And if you did, would it be the same place tomorrow, or next week? Technology and the web are growing at such a rapid pace, that opportunities for consumers are changing every day.

I suspect there is a smidgen of truth to that. I believe they do hold off on some advancements, when they see no profit in the near future. On the other hand, there are plenty of camera manufacturers competing everyday. No one of them wants to see the other get too much further ahead.


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