Aug 02 2009

The Essential Digital Camera Features List

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Look at camera reviews to see which digital camera is best according to users. Read what others have to say and what their experiences were with the specific cameras. Know each camera inside and out before deciding which camera you should buy. You need to spend some time researching different digital cameras so you can choose the best one.

The Fuji FinePix Z5fd is another cheap digital camera for under one hundred and twenty dollars. If you plan to make prints larger than the standard 4 by 5, you will not find this camera compatible for your needs. This cheap olympus camera and this digital photography small or big cameras ? should help.

A second LCD screen that shows the shooting parameters. Great if you messed with the settings and forgot what mode you are shooting in. Built in focus motor, allowing the photographer to use cheaper lenses! (With my old D40x I had to buy lenses with focus motor, which cost around $250 a piece. The motor-less ones for this camera are in the range of $100).

Look for durability and size when you consider the camera for entertainment or professional use.

The Vivitar digital cameras are small and compact, but the ViviCam X30 is a compact camera with 10 megapixels and a two and a half inch viewing screen. The four times digital zoom and the three times optical zoom just adds to the easy use of the camera.

The Nikon does not come with the raw editor so you would have to purchase that separately. The flash is 1/200 of a second. The D80 has 10.2 megapixels and a two and a half inch viewing screen.

Just with the information provided it will seem like the Canon is a good price, but it is about forty dollars more than the Nikon, but the Nikon does not have the raw editor, which is an additional expense.

If you need a cheap digital camera, the ViviCam 3350B is just under twenty dollars. The camera only has 0.31 megapixels. It would be good for younger child who does not require perfect images. If you were going to take pictures for printing, this camera would not be the best for the job.


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