Mar 30 2011

The Basics Of Photography

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Photography has come a long way since its inception in the mid to late 1800s. Most of the changes have been to the main equipment and that is the camera itself. Even though the technology has changed a lot the techniques for filming images are still the same. You have to understand and master the basic tricks for using a camera so that you can point and click at thing view ending up with high quality images.

The most important principle for the photographer is to know your own camera. As every make and model of camera can vary significantly it pays to fully understand the workings of the unit and practice the various settings. Once the camera is fully understood then it is time to move on to the basic principles that apply to all photographers when aiming to produce a good image.

1. It should be remembered that a good photograph should contain a theme. You photos should convey some message to the viewer like a story. Have the ability to tell a basic idea or emotion that can be understood by the viewer.
2. There should be a central element that expresses the theme or focus of the story and to this end the image should focus or harness the attention of that element for the viewer.
3. There is not great photographic techniques required for capturing some eye catching photos. The photos you are taking should be within the theme, do not deviate from your story for the sake of techniques and quality. An image should ensure that trees are not seen coming out of peoples heads or that power lines are not a distraction. A good image includes only those elements that are of importance to the theme of the image.

Once the operation of the camera and the three basic principles are fully understood there is really only one course of action left for the basics. You should take care of these three simple things whenever you are going to photograph some thing important.

1. How are you going to capture the message and theme you have already planned.
2. Is there a focal point for the point of interest, what is it and how do I position my camera to achieve it.
3. Does my proposed image include only those elements that are important to the theme, the story. The non essential parts and distracting elements should be discarded from the picture. Have I given myself a good clean clear simplified image that conveys my story.

Photography is one of the most interesting hobby and it is made easy with the evolution of digital photography. However there are still many die in the wool loyalists that use their strusty SLR (single lense reflex) camera or SLR/digital composite. The camera you are using is important but your ultimate aim is the resulting image so your focus should be get what ever you need however simple or difficult the job is.

Depth of field, exposure, shutter speed are all elements that are more pertinent to SLR camera can also be important to a digital. or many point and shoot photographers the answer lies in using the automatic switch on the camera. There are many other things you will have to master like composition for really excel in the art of photography.

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