Dec 31 2008

Taking Another Shot at The Canon SD750 Digital Wonder

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Canon resumes its position at the top of all camera manufacturers. Considering the performance of this camera and the overall great quality, it’s hard to beat. 

Here’s my overall review of the Canon SD750 or sometimes spelled, Cannon SD750. 

When it comes to the top brands, Canon is right there in the top 2. The performance of these cameras is outstanding. I personally own a Canon SLR and my husband and I use it all the time. But, this is the review of the Canon SD750 so let’s get back to it. 

Not only does Canon shine in the performace arena but they also outshine their competitors in quality. You may have noticed the SD700 and wonder what the difference between the SD750 and SD700 are. Actually, it’s all about the mega pixels. There is not a lot of difference anywhere else. 

If I’m going to point out any shortcomings, sadly, it is the lack of the image stabilizer. I have no idea why they didn’t add this feature in as my husband and I use it all the time in our SLR camera. This in my opinion was a mistake, but Canon won me over in all the other outstanding features and performance so I had to agree with the main reviews that I’ve seen. Actually, it’s truly a digital wonder. 

The Canon SD750 includes a 3” LCD screen. This is quite large for an LCD camera screen. There is a trade off due to the size in that there is no optical viewfinder. This may not bother most people, but if you are used to using a viewfinder it may take a while to get used to the loss of it. 

Now for the good stuff. Or at least, my favorite feature. That is the movie time lapse feature. You can sit back and relax, take lots of movies, a total of up to two hours, and then worry about editing it later. Or rather, not worry about editing until later. A 2 hour movie can become a fantastic movie short using all the best shots making you the hero of the day. 

The time lapse feature will turn any novice movie producer into a pro just by clipping out all the junkie boring shots as well as mistakes. It’s fun and it’s the feature that I found rather hard to resist. 

There are plenty of other great features to swoon over. It has 17 shooting modes for the novice who is not interested in playing around with the ISO, shutter speeds or aperture setting. Just select your scene, be it day or night, sporting or close up portraits, it’s a click and go fully automatic wonder. 

Yet, it is great for a more advanced user who would like to set up the shots using the non-automatic features. My final analyses is that this is a great choice in both the price and brand.

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